AHM Investigations, LLC.

AHM Investigations LLC is a fully licensed and insured New Jersey private investigations company. We specialize in surveillance involving Child Custody, Infidelity (cheating spouse), Alimony Reduction, Fraud, and Searches.

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NJ Private Investigators Experts in All Areas of Surveillance Including:

-Infidelity (Catch Cheating Spouse) Investigations
-NJ Child Custody Investigations
-NJ Alimony Reduction Investigations

Surveillance Rates
Our surveillance rates depend on how many hours our services are used, expenses, and other factors. However, the more hours spent on a surveillance, the better the rate will be for the client. Also, any deposit that is received will only be used if those hours are incurred. If you pay for a week long surveillance and we meet your goal on the first day, you will receive all the remaining funds back. Please call so we can put together a customized plan for your particular case.

Background Search Rates
We can run a various range of background searches/checks to meet several needs of clients. For a more detailed list of what we do please visit our searches page.  If you have any questions about our rates and searches we offer please call the number listed.

You can email us any time: Harry@ahm.com

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Call any time to inquire about rates or to have your case reviewed for free: (973) 707 5522.

Our experience speaks for itself, and our results are a reflection of that. Give us a try for an affordable amount and allow us to prove that we do in fact deliver the best results.

AHM Investigations, LLC. has private investigators with over 20 years of experience in surveillance and investigations in NJ. We provide professional investigations, high tech surveillance teams, trial preparation and due diligence services to help clients solve problems and meet challenges. Many of the investigation services we provide are listed below however, we are not limited to them. We monitor, document, record, and act as a witness to anything we observe during surveillance.

AHM Investigations, LLC can provide you with the following high quality services:

Areas Of Investigations:

--Accident/liability Investigations
--Asset Location/Credit History Check
--Background & Profile research (Corporate & Personal)
--Civil Record Search
--Criminal History Search
--Criminal & Civil Investigations
--Drivers License Search
--Matrimonial Investigations
--Property Research
--Witnesses Located & Interviewed

This is just a general outline of the services we provide. We are willing to work with our clients to meet any surveillance or investigation goals they may have. Call today and give us the opportunity to help you!