Best Seasons to Hire a Private Investigator for Surveillance

     There is a reason spring/summer time is the busiest time of year for our firm and most private investigators.The weather is warmer therefore people are outside more often, there are more things to do during spring, and people are more active. For these reasons the subjects that we pursue are more likely to do what we suspect, and more likely to do it in public. If it is a case of infidelity (cheating), we have the potential to catch them doing various activities outside with the suspected cheater. Also, people tend to feel more confident when the weather is warmer. We strongly recommend hiring an investigator from late in March through the summer (while it is still warm) if you wish to catch a cheating partner. However, if as the subject's spouse or partner you feel you have an idea of when exactly the infidelity is taking place, we can key on those times and catch them together any time of the year.

     When it comes to insurance fraud, we believe it is also more likely to catch in these seasons because there are several outdoor household tasks that need to take place i.e. mowing the lawn, gardening, repairing the house, cleaning gutters etc. The premise is simple, the fact that the subject will be more likely to go outside makes it more likely for us to catch them walking with normal gait, having little to no discomfort, lifting heavy objects etc. The more evidence (video, pictures, documentation) that we can get of the claimant exerting themselves inappropriately, the better it will be for the case. We are simply more likely to get video and pictures of their actions outdoors.

     There are much more things to do with children when it is warm, and they tend to play outside more often. This means more video of them playing unsupervised, more video of them not being cared for properly, and more video of them not in a safe environment. These things can help build your case against the parent you don't believe is fit, and in turn win you custody. If they are outside riding a bike without a helmet, riding in a car unsafely (without a belt or proper seat), or playing in the road, these are all strong pieces of evidence that could support your case in court! The best seasons to gather evidence and build your case are coming up, have you found an investigator yet?