NJ Child Custody Alimony and Cohabitation Investigations

     Many things may be accomplished for clients conducting child custody investigations in NJ. One may establish a parent not meeting the terms agreed to in court such as co-habitation, neglect or domestic violence, and possibly that the home environment is unstable. Simply put, our firm will document and record everything that occurs while the child/ren are with the other parent. If anything is happening that should not be, what we gather may become useful evidence in court.

     Besides obvious issues such as abuse and neglect, there are other things that can be documented to build your case. All of these things should be discussed with the investigator when meeting to put together your case.

    If you are thinking of hiring a private investigator for a child custody case these are some things to consider:

What exactly are your goals? 

What are the terms of your current plan worked out with the courts?

Do you know of the other parent violating any of the terms? 

Is the other parent's household reasonably stable?

     If we can present evidence that a parent has a history of not cooperating with the court's plan, abuse/neglect, or an unstable home environment, the judge may grant custody to the other parent.