New Jersey Private Investigators

     We recently had a meeting with some attorney affiliates of ours, along with some new faces. At the end of the meeting I handed out my business cards with a short pitch to try to have some of them use us to help investigate their cases. The first two basically "yes-ed" me to death and gave me the old, "If we need ya, we'll give you a call", which I have come to know is not too promising. Finally, the last attorney whom I didn't know, a medical malpractice attorney took me by surprise. I gave him the same pitch as the other two and he responded, "Can I be honest with you?" I answered, "Absolutely!" He went on to tell me that he could really use an investigator; at this point it began to sound better for me. "However... it seems all the private investigators I used in the past try to bump up the hours with the intensions of charging us more."
     At this I almost exploded because one of our slogans happens to be "Best Surveillance Results, With Limited Hours". This is also what our whole firm is modeled after, quality and timely results. After explaining all of this he seemed slightly swayed from his prior opinion, but still skeptical of all investigators. I gave him my card and he said he had a workman's compensation case he would like to try us out with. The meeting was only a few days ago, and he has contacted us. We have not started his case yet; however we did finish a worker's compensation case with fewer hours than requested just yesterday. We look forward to his case and anyone (firms and private parties a-like) who would like to try us out for the first time.

     At AHM Investigations we pride ourselves on not only delivering the best surveillance results, but doing so in a timely manner. There are many private investigators in the state of New Jersey, and just as in any other profession, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Having been in the field for over twenty years I can tell you the good ones are few and far between. Further, once one discovers a good investigator, it is then a matter of how fast he can deliver the results. We take retainers for an amount of hours the client agrees would be sufficient for results. In many cases, we get the results before all of the hours are used up. In turn, the client will receive the remaining funds back every time. Note: I am not saying we guarantee results on the first day, or even the second day. This would be preposterous because as an investigator one can not make a subject cheat, fake an injury, or neglect a child etc. However, what a private investigator at AHM Investigations CAN guarantee is that if they are doing what the client suspects, we will get it on tape, and we will get it as soon as it happens.
     Unfortunately, when it comes to investigators there is only one way to know if indeed they deliver fast, quality results, and that is to try them out. Give us a call and have us put together a plan for you with a small budget at first. This will allow us to prove ourselves to you.