Top 5 Reasons You Need To Hire A Private Investigator

5. Serving Legal Papers

     Whether you are an attorney, private party, or company, I am sure the last thing you want to worry about is having to deliver these papers to the angry individual who earned them! As investigators, we deal with these sort of people all of the time. We know the easiest ways to handle them and we are aware of our rights and the law.
     The first thing we need in order to serve the papers is the address, name, and a description or picture of the individual. Next, the plan would be to ring the door bell and see if they answer. The problem in many cases of this nature is that the subject is aware of people trying to serve them. In this situation, we would need to catch them by surprise. This would be accomplished by sitting outside their residence or place of employment and waiting for them to exit or enter. Sometimes proof of the individual receiving the documents is necessary therefore, we would have one investigator video tape while the other serves the documents.

4. Searches and Background Checks
     There is a wide variety of background checks and searches that can be conducted, and a wide range of reasons to run them. Many times, our searches are needed for attorneys to research their cases, they are also often used by businesses in need of knowing the history of their employees. The service we use is called +TLO and you may visit their google plus page or their website for more information on the services they provide.
     When we receive a request for a search or background check we need all the information that the client can give us. In many ways, finding information on individuals is like solving a puzzle, and the information (DOB, SSN, Name, Address...) is like the pieces. The more information that we are given, the better chance we have at finding the missing piece of information. The results on the site we use, +TLO, are the most accurate we have found online. They use several databases from all over the internet and other sources to deliver the most precise results. You must be either a licensed investigator or in some cases an attorney to have access to the information. As I said, they are like puzzles, therefore there is no guarantee that all missing pieces will be found.

3. Child Custody Surveillance

     Just as with the other four reasons, a lot of details go into solving child custody cases. Common things that are involved are co habitation, child support, alimony, and terms agreed to in court. The goal of a child custody surveillance is always to prove a violation of these. Sometimes clients do not realize the many simple things an investigator can capture in the field that can be helpful to their case. For example we may be hired for a case where a parent is suspected of child abuse. Our investigator in the field may capture another individual living with the parent which is a violation of their cohabitation agreement. Now, without even needing the evidence of abuse, the judge may grant custody because of the cohabitation violation.
     Negligence on the part of a parent is always good to prove as well. This could range from driving erratic with the child(ren) in the car, to leaving them home alone. What is difficult about proving negligence is that we need to establish consistency. Meaning the more times we can capture a parent being negligent, the better chance we have of the court ruling in your favor. It's always a good idea to discuss the surveillance goals with your attorney and see what the focal points of the investigation should be.

2. Insurance Fraud Surveillance 

     More than one third of people hurt in auto accidents exaggerate their injuries, and nearly one third of doctors exaggerate the severity of a patient's illness ( Businesses and insurance companies are constantly being taken advantage of, and we work each case accordingly to put an end to it.
     That statistic is pretty disturbing considering the fact that we all are negatively effected by insurance fraud. What our company does is send an investigator out to document the subject's every move. We capture them climbing staircases, lifting heavy objects, and in some cases simply being out and about is enough to void their claim. We put together a professional report with still shot pictures along with video evidence. We can also act as a witness in court.

1. Infidelity Surveillance

     It may not come as a surprise that we found matters of infidelity to be the number one reason for hiring a private investigator. Cheating spouses are certainly the most common of cases. However, in the state of New Jersey, we have what is called "No Fault Divorce" which means there is no legal penalty for having an affair. Our infidelity cases come from clients who simply want peace of mind, or would like to document other matters as well such as child abuse/neglect. Infidelity along with other documented legal issues certainly adds to your case for character reasons. Whether you need an investigator depends on your specific case and situation. We always do whatever we can to help and work with all current and potential clients to meet their surveillance and investigation goals.