iTrack GPS Tracker by Electroflip

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Overall Rating- 9.5/10- Excellent
     The picture above shows a GPS tracking device our company purchased and had used for several cases. Our overall rating of this product is excellent because we had accomplished all we needed with it for all of the cases we used it for thus far. There are several reasons for us to use this device in a case. I will give an example of the most recent. It was a domestic (cheating spouse) situation and the client had owned the subject's car. The problem was that the subject was very suspicious of being followed so we planted this magnetic device under their car and were able to monitor their every move. We were able to keep a loose tail on the subject without having to worry about losing them. This case ended up being a success because of the sophistication of this device. If you intend to use it for a case similar to this I will strongly recommend it!

Use and Set-up of the Device-
     One reason I had rated it a 9.5 and not a 10 is because it is a little difficult to set up. However, once you do it is very easy. First what you must do is go to Wal-Mart or another store that carries SIM cards for cell phones. Buy the SIM card and put minutes on it (another small issue was that it burns through minutes pretty fast). I would also write down the phone number assigned to the SIM card and store it in your phone. Charge the battery of the device, now you are ready to use it.
Tracker Function-
     To use the tracker function of the iTrack device you first call the phone number assigned to the SIM card. Once the voicemail or operator answers it, you may hang up. Soon you will receive a text message with the Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Date, Time, Battery Life, and a map link of the location of the device (another small issue was that sometimes you have to call more than once to receive the text message, if you don't receive it after 30 seconds it did not go through). At this point I would recommend downloading google maps on your phone and copying and pasting the Latitude and Longitude into the search box. You will now see the exact location (within 5-10ft.) of the device.
Listening Device Function-
     As well as a GPS tracker, the iTrack can also be used as a listening device. To use this function you must text "monitor123456" (make sure the "m" is lowercase) to the number assigned to the SIM card. You will then get a text message back saying the device is ready. Lastly, call the device and you will now hear all audio that it picks up!

Overall it is an excellent device with many useful functions. I hope my review and "how to" instructions are helpful. Follow us via the links on the right for more information on such devices or click below to hire us and we will do all the monitoring for you.

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