The Importance of Social Media in Law & Investigations Practices

     Years ago, an idea came into the world that truly changed the way people socialized, interacted, and eventually even the way they would do business. The idea referenced is social networking. The complexity and still infantile state of social networking leaves some companies wanting to watch from the sidelines, and others wanting to jump right in. The business marketing end is still evolving but any company that wants to stay competitive better take part.
     From a technical/webmaster standpoint, having your company connected in social networks is a must. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube etc., are all excellent ways to add back links into the web and grow the popularity of your business website, which in turn will grow your business! Not only will there be links on the web, but also descriptions, pictures, videos, and not to mention the connections you build along the way. Phonebooks, newspapers, and magazines are all nearly obsolete when compared to internet marketing. Facebook had 901 million monthly users as of April, 2012. I think that's slightly more than the people who look through your local paper. An argument in response to that might be, "People looking through a paper would be more likely to hire a private investigator or an attorney because it is more targeted and more personal than Facebook". My response to that would be that social networks are becoming more and more targeted and personal everyday! When someone logs on to their Facebook page, what do they see? A newsfeed filled with their friends and what they have been up to lately. If a potential client sees that one of his friends has "liked" or shared your page, what could be more targeted than that? This is basically a personal recommendation of your firm to be seen by a new potential client. There is no arguing that people trust people they know more than anyone else, and social networks offer that connection.
     This is why at AHM Investigations we believe it is so important to stay in the social networking world and try to continue to grow our presence there. When conducting any surveillance, or gathering evidence for any case, we work as if it was for ourselves. We take our work personally. There is no better way to show this than getting personal through these networks, and letting our clients and affiliates express what kind of work we do.