Digital Audio Recorder Used for NJ Infidelity Cases

Olympus VN-702PC Digital Audio Recorder

Overall Rating- 10/10- Perfect

     This digital recording device is absolutely perfect for any case you can safely (and legally) plant it. It is certainly small enough to find some sort of place to hide it to pick up the audio needed. The battery life is very long, the playback function is clear (much clearer on a computer though). It is very easy and self explanatory to use. We have used it to successfully gather evidence for infidelity cases, child neglect/abuse cases, fraud, and others where the investigator needed to hear audio. I would not only recommend it for investigators but also for personal use in whatever situation you need to hear audio. The sensitivity of the mic is amazing, it can pick up sounds in an entire room. It is simply a phenomenal and very useful device. 

Important Note: This rating is based on use in relatively quiet areas with the audio source reasonably close. An eternal mic is recommended for best quality. 

Item can be found at electronic stores or ordered online.

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