Private Investigator in NJ Marital Case Examples


     AHM, a licensed NJ private investigator, is able to conduct surveillance in several states.  One example involved a well-to-do older woman, who was a minor celebrity and who had several homes – among them a primary residence in Short Hills and a co-op in New York City.  She was married to a man several years younger than she who she believed was cheating on her. She was in her mid-sixties and he was in his early fifties. AHM was engaged to follow him and while it took many months, it was clearly demonstrated that he was having affairs. However, it was not with other women as she suspected, but with men.
This is an illustration of the critical importance of letting the facts develop, instead of making assumptions.  It is also a good example of the frequent necessity of spending sufficient time in surveillance.  A shorter surveillance would not have led to the facts of this case.
New Jersey is a ‘no fault’ state but this female client thought these facts would help her in the event she decided to pursue a divorce.  Or that he would accept lower alimony payments in order to avoid a public revelation of his lifestyle.

     Many of AHM’s clients are small business owners.  One client began with some business issues but several years later, called with a personal matter.  He believed his wife was having an affair with one of his employees.  AHM started surveillance at dual locations - the employment location and the marital residence.  The wife was followed to a hotel.  The suspected employee was also followed to the hotel.  Sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment confirmed that they registered for a room together.  AHM’s private investigator was able to obtain extremely detailed video that confirmed the client’s suspicions.  

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     AHM was engaged by an insurance company who had paid a large annuity to settle a vehicular accident in which a man in his fifties had broken almost every bone in his body. She had recently taken a lump sum loan from that annuity which aroused the insurance company’s suspicions. They requested AHM 's private investigators place him under surveillance. 

     The man had claimed to the doctors that he couldn't walk, couldn't drive, and basically couldn't do anything or even leave the house.  AHM’s private investigator was able to obtain video of the him walking several blocks without any aide, going up flights of stairs, and carrying boxes.

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