Strange Phone Calls NJ

Strange UNKNOWN Caller

       Have you ever received a strange phone call that has you concerned, curious, or annoyed? We've all been there ... you get the call from a suspicious number that creeps you out a little, or a lot. There are several things you can do but first lets identify some different types of strange calls.

UNKNOWN- Unfortunately calls coming from numbers that are displayed as "Unknown" are the most difficult to trace. The reasons/origins of these calls are vast but could include: a prankster dialing "*67" which is a service that blocks phone numbers, a scammer trying to charge your account from the phone call, or a telemarketer. One way to narrow down which call you are receiving is to look at the content of the phone call itself. Was there an actual person on the other line? Was it automated? Did it stop ringing before you picked it up? If so how many times did it ring?
     If there was an actual person on the other line, the content of the conversation obviously could be a hint as to whether it was a prank and/or the intentions of the caller. If at any point you feel threatened or even frightened by a phone call, contact the authorities immediately. I believe they have the means to contact the phone company and even trace an unknown number if warranted. If the call was automated, many times there is a "Do Not Call" message at the end of the recording so be sure to listen to the whole thing if you wish to not receive calls from them anymore. Side Note: If you are receiving unwanted text messages from an unknown or strange number reply "STOP" (make sure all caps) and they are required by law to stop sending you messages. Many companies advertise through text now and will automatically unsubscribe if you text "STOP". If they continue, you can contact authorities and let them know you are being harassed. If your phone rang only once or twice before you had a chance to answer it, then stopped, do not call back because this may be a scammer who will attempt to charge your account if called back. 

Strange/ Unrecognized Numbers- If the number in question looks local or has a similar area code to yours etc., we can most likely find out who the caller is (even if the number is not local we may still be able to trace it). The service we use for tracing phone numbers, TLO, is only available to licensed private investigators or other licensed agencies. Visit our Searches page, email or call us, and get 50% off your search when you mention this article! Normally this search is $100.00, but we are trying to test our online presence and webpage exposure so we will only charge you $49.99, and only if we get results. At AHM Investigations, we know how concerning, annoying, and frustrating it can be when you get a call from a number you don't recognize, so we are happy to offer this to our new and existing customers.   

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