Common Questions for NJ Private Investigators

Private Investigator FAQ
Common Questions for NJ Private Investigators

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions a.k.a. Q and A)
Why should I pay for a Private Investigator? I can just use the Internet to research the background of job applicants or my boyfriend etc.

NJ Private Investigators are licensed by the State (see following question) and, while you could conduct research yourself, a Private Investigator can do it faster and cheaper, since time is money.  Additionally, a PI will probably access sites you would not think of. Regarding surveillance, to conduct your own could be considered stalking or harassment, so we strongly reccommend you leave it to the licensed professionals.

Lastly, if you are researching a job applicant, there are laws that prevent you from refusing to hire someone just because they have a difficult financial or criminal background. A job applicant should sign a Release Form acknowledging that you are going to research their background and credit history and they will be entitled to a copy of whatever is reported. A PI can explain this to you and help prevent a possible wrongful hiring lawsuit. 

In some instances, the initial research may indicate that you may want to have more extensively investigated:  interviews with neighbors, prior employers, grandparents and nannies, for instance.

How can I know that the Private Investigator I want to hire is legitimate?

NJ Private Investigators are licensed by the NJ State Police.  You can contact them.

New Jersey State Police Private Detective Unit
P.O. Box 7068
West Trenton, New Jersey 08628-0068
Phone: 609-341-3426 or
email at:
or go to their website: (see link at right)

What will you find out?  That there are over 2000 private investigator agencies in NJ and the State Police maintains files on the agencies and their employees, which includes fingerprinting and screening.  The State Police conduct inspections and financial audits of the agencies and investigates regulatory or criminal complaints.

Where can I find out how satisfactory a NJ Private Investigator is?

You won’t be surprised that individuals that hire PIs don’t want their names revealed to prospective clients.  But you can check with the NJ Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, Google Local, and other listing sites. Although the owners of AHM were raised in NJ, the agency was started in North Carolina approximately 7 years ago.  Licensing in New Jersey began a year ago. 

AHM has six investigators. When an investigator performs surveillance for a PI company in NJ they need to be fingerprinted and screened through the state police. 

Is it legal to hire a Private Investigator to check out people?

Yes.  Private Investigators are licensed by the NJ State Police after the State Police fingerprint them and check their backgrounds.  Private Investigators have a close relationship with local and state police.

I thought Private Investigators were only in novels and movies.  What do they do?

NJ has over 2000 licensed private detective agencies and they provide important services to private citizens.  Private Investigators work on both criminal and civil matters.  They assist with divorce cases, child custody situations, insurance fraud, workers’ compensation cases, company theft, alimony reduction and They can research backgrounds for employment purposes; previous law suits; previous marriages; bankruptcies.  Private Investigators can follow individuals and use electronic equipment to assist them.  Among the many services AHM can perform are:

                                             Accident Investigations
                                             Asset Location
                                             Credit Histories
                                             Background research (corporate and personal)
                                             Civil Record Searches
                                             Criminal History Searches
                                             Driver License Searches
                                             Matrimonial Invistigations
                                             Property Research
                                             Witness Locations and Interviews

How much does a Private Investigator charge?

Of course, rates vary from agency to agency and by the type of service the client requires. Research is less costly than surveillance.  The amount of time will also affect the charges. AHM’s policy is to adjust our surveillance rates depending on the number of hours spent on surveillance and other factors, including expenses.  Deposits are only used for hours actually incurred.  If the client’s goal is reached sooner than anticipated, the client is given a pro-rated refund.  AHM will create a customized plan based on each client’s particular request.

What makes AHM special?

AHM investigators have decades of experience in surveillance and investigations.  AHM is able to provide high tech surveillance, professionally written reports, trial preparation and due diligence services.  Customized plans help clients solve problems and meet challenges.  AHM investigators monitor, document, record and are able to act as a witness to anything s/he observes.

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