Cheating Partners

     Our most common domestic cases include matters of infidelity. At AHM Investigations we specialize in all areas of surveillance. However, because of the volume of infidelity cases we handle one could say it is our specialty. A common question we hear from a new client is, “How does this work?”. Many people who think about hiring a private investigator for infidelity reasons are not familiar with the process. Many times they are also timid and reserved about the matter when it comes to contacting an investigator. We have handled thousands of infidelity cases and are more than likely working on several at the moment. We have heard every story, and we know how hard the process can be. The first step to mental peace and closure is picking up the phone and calling us (if you prefer a more discrete method of communication, our email can be found on the right column of this page). You simply have to discuss certain details of your case with one of our representatives at which point we will decide if your goals can be met by us. If so, we will schedule a meeting in person where we will discuss and plan your case in more detail. We sign a contract protecting both parties, then we schedule the surveillance for whenever you would like it done.

     Another question we hear a lot is, “How much do your services cost?”. The answer to this is it depends. We work out special rates for every client based on their goals for the case and what they would like to accomplish. Our rates are very competitive compared to other private investigators and we are also willing to work out reasonable payment plans that fit the client’s budget. What we recommend for new clients is to schedule the surveillance for the exact particular time you believe the infidelity is occurring, and this will save you hours. We also offer a four hour promotional deal for new clients, this allows us to build trust and prove ourselves to you.
     If you suspect your partner/spouse of cheating you will not find a better firm to handle your case. Our experience speaks for itself and our results are a reflection of it. Give us a call today to receive your free consultation, and ask about the new client promotional deal.

Our Latest Infidelity Case Examples: